Why You Should Get a Dental Veneer: The Advantages

When a photo is taken at any event, are you one of those who willingly smile and flash their pearly whites, or do you offer a weak, closed-mouth smirk? If you fall into the latter, you may have a lack of confidence because of your teeth and are acutely aware that your smile does not present a good impression.


Whilst it is not really a big issue whether you have a great smile or not (people will still love you anyway), it doesn’t hurt to have a good smile that you can flash around at any time. Having a beautiful smile will increase your confidence, making you appear more open and friendly to anyone you meet.


Thankfully, there are many ways to improve your smile. You can opt for teeth whitening, and most of the time, it does the trick. But for those who have crooked, deeply stained, broken or chipped, or gapped teeth, one of the best options is to have dental veneers.



The advantages of a porcelain veneer


Dental veneers come in two types – porcelain veneers and resin composite materials. Porcelain veneers are highly recommended because they are more resistant to stains, and have a more natural appearance.


Veneers are specially-designed and custom-made according to your teeth, and are matched with your teeth’s colour, size, shape, and length. An added bonus for a porcelain veneer comes from the fact that it is well-tolerated by gum tissue. Even the most sensitive gums will be able to adapt well to a porcelain veneer compared to a resin composite veneer.


If you have some issues with your teeth but are hesitant about going for all-out, complex dental surgery such as a crown, having a porcelain veneer is a good alternative. One great aspect about getting a porcelain veneer is that it does not require extensive or drastic shaping or filing, and it gives you more even, natural-coloured teeth.


Before getting a porcelain veneer


Whilst there are many benefits to getting a veneer, there are some things you have to consider before having one. Keep in mind that the colour of the veneer cannot be altered when it is in place, so it has to match the colour of your teeth very well. Have your teeth whitened before undergoing the procedure so your veneer will have a more similar colour to your teeth.


Another factor to keep in mind is that although veneers are designed not to fall off, they can get worn or torn due to certain activities. If you have a veneer, do not chew or bite hard objects such as ice cubes or pencils, and do not make a habit of biting your nails (which is not good for you, anyway). Also, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth or clenching them, a veneer may not be a good idea.


A good dental specialist will be able to tell you how to take care of your veneer. But in general, veneers do not need special care other than the usual brushing and flossing and twice yearly visits to the dentist. When all is said and done, having porcelain veneers is a brilliant choice for many individuals who would like to transform their smile in more ways than one.


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