What To Include When Selling A Rolex Watch

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When wanting to sell your Rolex watches, the process shouldn’t be taken lightly. Unlike some watch manufacturers whose products aren’t worth a lot of money, a Rolex watch is often valued at several thousands of pounds. In fact, rare Rolexes can be bought for hundreds of thousands of pounds. When considering selling Rolex watches, there are many things that should be included and found out, such as proof that it’s genuine:

Information and documents which prove a Rolex watch’s authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity should be provided to a website that buys Rolex watches. When this document has been misplaced, the owner of a Rolex watch should get a copy from an official Rolex dealer or Rolex directly. As it doesn’t cost a lot of money or take a long time to get a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity, it is definitely worth acquiring it, especially as a higher quote will probably be paid for a Rolex watch. Other information should also be included when selling a Rolex watch, such as a serial number.

Found on every Rolex watch, a serial number is usually located under the 3 o’clock position but can differ on earlier models that are rare. If its owner doesn’t know what their serial number is, an official Rolex dealer i.e. a jeweller, can determine what it is. As an official Rolex dealer has done the same for many other Rolex watches before, the serial number that they provide will be correct. Even if a serial number is heavily scratched and difficult to read, an official Rolex dealer can find out what it is no matter what.

An official box

When selling a Rolex watch, an official box should be provided. Not only does it look attractive but a website that issues quotes will probably pay more for it. An official box can be bought on an internet auction site such as EBay or Amazon. By purchasing an official box before a Rolex watch is sent to a website that specialises in buying them, its owner can confirm with absolute certainty that they have it. As it doesn’t usually cost a lot of money to buy an official box, it will be worth every penny. A higher quote can even be issued because a website won’t have to buy it.

Relevant personal information

If you want to sell your Rolex watches quickly, all relevant information must be provided and not just details about the watch itself i.e. if its owner has a Certificate of Authenticity. So that there are no delays, the owner’s name and address must be provided because this is where a heavily insured valuation pack will be sent. A contact telephone number and an email address should also be provided. When a Rolex watch has been assessed, its owner will be given a quote via email or telephone. By entering this information onto an enquiry form, it won’t be difficult whatsoever to sell Rolex watches.

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