Two Snacks You Can Turn into Beauty Products This Season

Some women can’t live without their make-up bag and use a handful of cosmetic products to look better, to feel better and even to trick age and seasonal changes. On the other hand, there are plenty of women out there who’d rather make their own home-made cosmetics, by using natural and organic products, from coconut oil, to essential oils, cocoa and shea butter, spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Ever heard of a caviar bath? It’s not new to use food also as a cosmetic product, just as it is not new to try, fail or succeed in finding the best natural ingredients that work best for you.

And while some facial and cleavage masks and treatments are quite common and are perpetuated from our grandmothers to our future daughters, as some recipes will never fail in proving their efficiency, there are still a lot of products you could have around the house to use as beauty enhancer and health supporters.

The good news is that more and more companies rely on natural ingredients to provide high quality cosmetics and it is also true many women would rather use some cream in a jar to regain their skin freshness than walking around with cucumber slices on their faces (or lie down, most likely). But before choosing comfort over our fridges and cupboards, let’s see what we can find in there that we can use this cold season. And over the next ones, too, if we’re happy with the results.

1.      Honey

It should be a must-have of any family kitchen, as honey’s healthy properties, either by itself or in combination with other natural ingredients, is just miraculous andhas been the subject of extensive medical research. But honey is not only good on the inside, it’s good on the outside too: cosmeticians and beauticians recommend to softly cover our faces with a thin layer of honey, rest like that for a few minutes and wipe it off with a clean towel and some warm water. It hydrates, it nurtures our skin (affected by the cold season), it has anti-inflammatory features and it will protect our skin from further environmental aggressions. It is a bit sticky, indeed, but it’s efficient.

2.      Peanut butter

This is a rather controversial beauty product, as just as the sources say, for each miraculous result, there is another one which is horrific. Not many women are resistant to peanut butter face masks and if there is the slightest chance of allergies, there is no reasons why you should even consider it as an option. However, the happy stories talk about creamy peanut butter as having cleansing and scrubbing effects on the skin, it nurtures it because its fatty feature and keeps it moisturized and safe. Many products you find on the market also contain salt and industrial food preservatives, so peanut butter being all natural… it is a bit much to sustain. But those who used it reported wonderful results, so basically it is a matter of trial and error. The side effects on the skin are eruptions, red spots, irritation, so do a derma test first and place the butter on a very small portion of the face.

Besides these two delicious foods, hand-made cosmetics also include chocolate masks for toning, rejuvenating, cleaning and hydrating the skin, together with oatmeal for cleansing, coffee for scrubbing, vinegar for cleaning the hair and so on. Some luxurious spas offer their clients some natural treatments containing bio products and items we would normally treat as food, while the industry extracts the best from fruits and plants to offer us their beauty solutions. But since this season is all about nature and health, why not trying some of the products we have around the house and see if they work?


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