The Rockabilly Style Guide

The rockabilly style was born from rock n roll and hillbilly music. Over the past year interest in rockabilly attire has significantly increased and it’s no longer uncommon to see someone walking the high street in a 1950’s getup.

Rockabilly Style for Men

Once you have the fundamentals of your wardrobe, you can begin to build on what you have to create your own unique style. Start from the ground up. Converse All Stars or worn black work boots are typical of the style and will blend with virtually any colour scheme.

Stone washed denim or Dickies workman’s trousers represent the rockabilly style perfectly. If you’d prefer to wear shorts, make sure they are tight fitting and stop just short of your knees.

You can’t go wrong with a white t-shirt. Tuck them into your trousers for a “greaser” image. Wear a leather jacket over the top to complete the look. For a more formal approach, exchange the leather for a tweed jacket in brown, navy, dark green or grey.

Your hair could literally make or break your look. The most popular rockabilly hair style is the 1950’s pompadour – think Elvis and Chris Issak to get a better picture. In the words of GQ, “”Shorn on the sides and back, long enough on top to be swept forward and back onto itself.”

Rockabilly Style for Women

Rockabilly girls look both sexy and sweet with their combination of boyish shirts and tight fitting vintage clothing. Typical colours include red, white, navy and black. In fact, dress with this colour scheme with a polka dot motif and it’ll be difficult not to look like a pinup beauty.

Use clothing that moulds around the contours of your body to show off your curves. Rockabilly dresses often puff out towards the bottom, allowing them to flow through the air when you twist and turn. If you aren’t much of a dress person, combine high waist rockabilly skirts with a flannel shirt and rolled up sleeves.

Use sailor themed accessories, such as an anchor necklace. A flower or bow in your hair will also enhance the innocent country girl image. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant colours.

When it comes to hair, think Betty Page. Victory rolls are very common in the rockabilly style. If you have short hair, go for the pinup image and shape it in the style of a pompadour.

Starting your Wardrobe

When it comes to alternative clothing there are no rules. If people always followed the mould, then rockabilly would’ve never had a comeback. When you start your collection, vintage stores, second hand stores and yard sales are the perfect places to begin. Once you have your base sorted, begin layering to add your own unique take, but most importantly, enjoy yourself!

About the author:

Josefine Andreasson is a Swedish fashion blogger and retro clothing enthusiast. She is currently writing for a blogging website named, Web Scribblers and is in the process of starting her own vintage store, Retro Delilah.

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