Natural Beauty Tips

Both men and women are bombarded daily with beauty tips, whether they are in magazine articles, posters in a public place or offers in the local supermarket. So many products are available for the same thing with a variety of different price tags. Here is a look at some beauty tips using natural methods.


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To restore moisture to your hair, try soaking it in beer for a few minutes and then rinsing it in cold water. Vinegar can help restore the shine to darker locks.

To help lighten your hair, try rinsing it in fresh lemon juice or chamomile instead of conditioner. Using a hairdryer or letting your hair dry in the sun will also help to lighten your locks.
If your hair has just been coloured, then you will want the colour to last as long as possible. Try using a deep conditioning treatment once a month as this will help maintain your colour and will also help to treat your hair if it is dry or damaged.

Grey hairs can be a nuisance and if you have dark hair then colouring some rogue strands with mascara can help to conceal them. If your hair is blonde or red, then try putting a little bronzing powder on it to hide the grey.


Use sunscreen daily, even on a cloudy day as 80% of the sun’s rays can still get through. The UV protection in sunscreen will help prevent damage to your face.

Ice cubes have often been thought to be effective wrinkle reducers. Rub an ice cube over your face and neck daily until it melts. The cold is supposed to help prevent wrinkles and reduce the number of fat cells.

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, then raw potatoes can help. Just peel a spud and cut a couple of slices. Lay a slice over each eye for ten minutes to allow them to decrease any water tension and lighten those dark circles. Rinse your eyes in lukewarm water afterwards.

Make-up Tips

Whether you are a qualified beautician or someone looking to learn more about make-up in general, there are plenty of websites with useful tips on how to apply makeup. Many colleges run full- and part-time courses too if you want to enter the beauty industry. Sites such as can give you information about the types of courses you can enrol on as well as be a place to buy products from.

Everyone has their own make-up tips and the best advice would be to try out a number of looks to find the one that you like.

Some say it is best to blow-dry your lashes before you curl them to enhance your curls for longer. Foundation brushes are becoming more popular than sponges as they don’t soak up your foundation, meaning your tube will last longer. If you want to enhance your thin lips naturally, then a neutral-tone lip liner can help you create plumper-looking lips which you can then fill in with lipstick. If you’ve run out of make-up remover, then body moisturiser can be just as effective, especially on tough mascara.


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