Look Pretty in a Pink T-Shirt

You don’t need to wear anything fancy to look good and fashionable. Certainly, fashion brands fight for your business daily, but sometimes something fairly plain is all you need. There is nothing that beats a T-shirt, which has not really changed in style for decades. There is so much you can do with a simple T-shirt. You will have the choice of any colour and, as a relatively cheap item that can be worn with skirts, jeans, and shorts, it is worth having a few in your wardrobe. The days when the T-shirt was simply used as an undergarment are long gone.



Nice Colours

Pink is a nice colour, don’t you think? It has always been popular with females in particular. It contrasts well with plenty of dark colours if you want to have a message or image screen-printed on the front or back. Remember, just as many people will see you from behind, and will therefore see any message printed on the back.

You may want a wardrobe with a number of colours that are easy on the eye, perhaps lemons and lilacs that have that summery feel about them. You can never rely on a UK summer to provide sunshine every single day, but a good supply of T-shirts when you and your friends fly off to the sun will take up very little room in your suitcase and will be daily wear if you are heading to the resorts of the Mediterranean. Why not announce where you all come from by having a slogan printed on the front? Your real fashion clothes are for the evenings, though these resorts do tend to be very informal.

The Hens

Hen weekends are popular these days, and cheap flights mean that they are often planned at one of the popular resorts. It is rare that a woman would want to wear the same thing as her friends; in fact, in most social situations, it would be bordering on a nightmare. That would not be the case when girls are out on such a weekend, though, and perhaps getting a supply of T-shirts with the same design is worth a thought. You will certainly get people’s attention without even trying.

The Stags

Men are unlikely to pick pink as their colour all too often, but stag weekends present a similar opportunity. You may support different sports teams and not necessarily come from the same area, but you can surely think of something that you would all be happy to wear. Perhaps you would pick an image of a popular brand of alcohol or a humorous slogan. It is nice to have something a little bit different if you are away together as a group.

Click here if you want to find out more about getting a supply of T-shirts for your club, to promote your business, or simply to sell as a retailer to promote your locality. There is plenty of flexibility to get exactly what you want in both colour and design, so why not get in touch and ask?


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