Leather Endures for Style and Protection

Leather makes a statement of quality and style even though its popularity developed far away from the fashion industry. It remains a practical natural material used in many garments and certainly plays a prominent role in today’s fashion.

leather protectiuon


Ever since the days of James Dean leather has been associated with more than fashion and style; it expresses individuality and even rebellion. Bikers prefer the worn and scruffy look rather than one that has anything to do with society’s perception of looking good. Yet this itself is a fashion within biker society and given the extra protection that leather provides for riders, who is to say it is wrong?


Years before Dean, during the Second World War for example, leather was the regular choice of aviators; it could be insulated to provide genuine warmth as well as a level of protection. There was no central heating in planes flying at altitude and a natural fleece inside leather was the best answer to the problem.

Leather used in this way retrieved its popularity after the release of the Tom Cruise film ‘Top Gun’ while the jacket worn by the Fonz in ‘Happy Days’ is actually on display in the Smithsonian Institute; leather was ‘cool.’ It remains so.

Leather used for fashion purposes is far different than that used for protection. Leather can almost be as thin as silk and with that same soft feel. It makes it ideal as a light garment that can even be worn on warmer days yet such a garment would be of little protective use to a motor cyclist who has an accident. The leggings and jacket worn by a biker are much thicker and anyone watching the professionals at sporting events will understand why they need the thickness in their leather suits.

That look

There is plenty of choice for someone wanting a leather jacket. If you want the bad girl look you can achieve it with leather without going too far towards a jacket that looks as though it should have been discarded years ago. Underneath the jacket your clothes selection will depend upon the season. While traditionally leather was produced in blacks and browns you can now buy it in a range of colours to reflect your mood. Bright blues, reds and yellows are certainly a fashion statement in themselves. When worn with stylish jeans and T-shirt top you can look stunning in many different social situations. As winter approaches you can change to warm jumpers and still look stunning.

As Christmas comes you may be thinking about what you can wear with leather and the answer is practically anything. You may have a family party which requires a fashionable dress. You perhaps will be going out to meet friends and going round a few of the popular spots around town and need something a little warmer than that dress. Whatever the circumstances leather makes an excellent fashion statement.

Depending on your budget you may decide that synthetic leather still gives you the look you want to achieve though there is no beating the real thing. It is worth spending that little bit more to get real leather; it is long lasting and unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

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