How Sports Nutrition Advancements Have Radically Changed Football

When it comes to the financial outlay of football clubs we are seeing larger and larger investment being made into what goes on behind the scenes with regards to sports science and nutrition. These days footballers have a carefully managed diet, they take supplements such as protein, creatine, fish oil, BCAAs and many more, and they have all aspects of their performance monitored regularly. Picking which team will win is tough, especially if you like to have a flutter with Novibet betting, and a good rule of thumb is to pick the fittest side. Sports science contributes to this fitness and beyond that, the advancements have completely changed the game.




When comparing modern day football with the game that was being played just 30 years ago, we can see just how big a difference sports science has made in this regard, especially when it comes to quality. Players run faster, perform to higher levels, run farther and are  much more physically strong than ever before. This is down to each aspect of their bodies being monitored and the way in which each player has a certain nutritional program for their exact physique and ability.




There are more games than ever before being played in football, from leagues to domestic cups, not to mention continental and international competitions. With such a packed schedule clubs and countries need their players to be at their best, and once again this is where sports science has made huge strides. There is just as much focus placed on a player’s recovery as there is in getting them prepared for a game and we can see that as soon as players come off the field, their recovery starts. Through the use of nutrition and supplements players can be back to their best in no time, given that their muscles and cells are encouraged to repair themselves quicker than ever before.


Avoidance of Injury


Injuries have long been part and parcel of the game but what we are seeing now is less occurring injuries, and that is down to sports science. Because muscles are more supple than ever before and bones are strengthened, the chances of injury are lower than ever before. On top of this we are seeing less recurring injuries because the treatment of an initial injury is so good that muscles, ligaments and cartilages are being treated in such as way that they recover back to their original strength and flexibility. Owing to the way in which players live, their bodies are at maximum levels almost every time that they step on the pitch and this is key in reducing injuries which have previously been caused by muscle tightness or weakened ligaments.


Sports science has not just helped footballers to look after their bodies better than before, it has completely transformed the game of football and increased entertainment levels as a result.


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