All Things Authentic at Christmas…

Christmas is well on its way; can you believe it’s only a month until we will be celebrating a day we seemed to have spent months preparing for? But Christmas Day isn’t just a day it’s the one day where the world stops and we take a moment to reflect on everything that is good in our lives. We come together as family and friends and indulge in delicious foods, share luxurious gifts and take part in traditions that make us feel festive and excited.


Preparations are, or at least should be, in full flow now, but rather than becoming bogged down with the stress of all that shopping or the worry about organising a long overdue family gathering, why not look at the reasons why we celebrate Christmas and how important this time of year is. You don’t have to be religious to really appreciate the meaning of the holiday. We are all a little guilty of forgetting what Christmas is all about and we need to get back to the traditional side of things.

To truly get into the spirit of the season why not take part in events and activities or visit places that will awaken the meaning of the holiday.


With a little help from, there is still more than enough time to recapture the magic. Allow a little festivity to take hold and you will once again be truly passionate about Christmas, adding authentic elements along the way such as…


Christmas songs have got to be one of the best ways to get you in the festive mood. We all appreciate a good Christmas song or carol and once the radio is awash with festive music we know the season is upon us. Sing a long, enjoy yourself and before you know it you will have a little more enthusiasm for Christmas.


Gifts are one of the biggest considerations of this holiday. What do we buy people? How can we choose a gift that is sentimental and something they really want? Allow your gifts to have a quirky element to them and originality is a good way to go. Christmas markets are ideal for this and they also introduce a little holiday happiness at the same time.


Christmas lights and displays are pretty much everywhere now so make the most of them. You may have missed a few of the switch-ons but that’s no reason to ignore the lights entirely. They really encapsulate the excitement and magic of the season.


OK, we are all more than aware that a massive part of Christmas is the food. What is Christmas without the roast turkey, the cranberry sauce and the little sweets and treats? So make sure you begin planning your feast now and you will be licking your lips and counting down the days until you can indulge.


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