A Bag for Every Occasion: 5 Styles to Show off this Season

Just as it is the case with clothing, footwear and make-up, the fashion world doesn’t fall behind when it comes to accessories too. And what better accessories than bags and purses to make every woman out there sigh in pleasure and expectation of the new models and trends designers came up with this season? If we are to take a look around at what is being offered to us, we will not see many changes, but those features that are new in the world of bags, are just spectacular.

Since this season is all about mixing up old styles with new ones, make improbable (but exquisite) matches and follow a general trend that stirs towards enhancing the natural and rebellious traits in women this year, let’s see some must-haves of the season and the best combos you can try for this fall / winter.

1.      The Tote bag

One of fashion’s pet projects, the tote bag is large enough for the ladies to carry around everything they need. For a casual look, the tote comes with long or short handles. It is rigid and comfortable enough and if you pick one in this season’s trendy colors, such as burgundy, to match your lipstick or grey to match your smoky eyes make – up, you’ll be more than happy with the choice.

2.      The Satchel bag

This is a more office – like accessory, for modern women with busy lives. Very structured and with short handles, this year it comes in dark navy blue nuances or grey ones and can make any business woman look dashing in a day suit and high heels. Remember that this season is all about black leather, animal prints and a return to the grunge style, so you’d look rather shocking and fabulous if you’d match this “serious” bag to a wilder outfit, even for a casual day at the office.

3.      The Bucket bag

If this summer you completely fell in love with the trendy casual back packs in colored textiles and various models, you can still feel a little sporty and ready for a new downtown adventure with this alternative to the backpack. This summer, Reef bags were the highlight of the season and the good news is that designers understood women’s needs for comfort and sassy looks and now they promote the Bucket Bag, with only one handle worn diagonally, in multi-colored variations and earthly nuances.

4.      The Shopper bag

This is a large, versatile bag for all the ladies out there who prefer comfort and a smashing trendy look. Remember the leopard and the zebra current this fall, so you could even match the shoes with the bag (although it’s not a must) like some celebrities do. Play with fabrics, imprints and textures and make this fall the season of your personal glory.

5.      The Clutch bag

This is a statement piece and a purse that must not lack any woman’s wardrobe. For cocktail parties, for an evening out on a date, for an elegant soiree, the clutch this year was made to look striking by the designers, who added large glam semi-precious stones on them, to match another seasonal trend this year: statement jewelry, large necklaces and earrings, Sophia Vergara style.

So ladies, this season comes with a lot of options for you to try. It’s a time for great changes in style, for daring attitudes, for experiments and for finding the most feminine and rebel feature in all of us.

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