Where to find a luxury Scottish Cashmere Sweater this Holiday Season

Scotland is one of the chief countries that cashmere sweaters are imported into the United States from. Other countries the United States receives fabric from to make a Scottish cashmere sweater with include China, India and Italy. However, it was Robert Pringle of Scotland, a luxury fashion importer, who helped to introduce cashmere sweaters to a larger audience.


Designer stores that carry the sweaters include Todd & Duncan Cashmere and Pringle of Scotland. Todd & Duncan carries the thicker as well as the thinner Scottish cashmere sweater, the latter being a sweater that looks like a knitted shirt. Because the sweaters are made from fibers found in the coats of goats that live in regions like the Himalayas, China and Mongolia, the fibers are finer than the finest wool. This is part of the reason why cashmere sweaters are remarkably soft, simply luxurious.


Although stores like Target and Koh’s sell less expensive versions of the cashmere sweaters, to get a vintage cashmere sweater, you may have to shop at stores that are famous for their brand name fashions. Online and offline fashion retailers carry fine Scottish cashmere sweaters. If this is your first time purchasing a Scottish cashmere sweater, pay attention to the numbers of ply in the sweater.


The greater number of ply in a cashmere sweater, the thicker the sweater is. For example, an eight ply sweater is made with eight single threads of fiber. The best cashmere sweaters are seamed together using fiber threads, not traditional needle and thread. Some online fashion stores that carry the finest cashmere sweaters also have an offline presence, with locations in major cities like New York and Paris. If you’re in New York City, you should be able to find stores near 5th Avenue or Madison Avenue.


Styles a premium Scottish cashmere sweater are made and carried in include block crew, racing stripe funnel neck, fair isle crew neck, cable v neck, seamed trapeze, color block v neck and marled funnel neck. Top fashion retailers carry dozens of styles of cashmere sweaters in their luxury collections.


A study in several dimensions, the sweaters offer an array of classic silhouettes. There come in muted and bold tones. The sweaters are so stylish that they bring out the sharpest features in a woman’s face, definitely accentuating a woman’s curves.


Some upscale fashion retailers have been carrying the finest Scottish cashmere sweater for more than 150 years. When properly cared for, the sweaters don’t stretch or shrink. They also lasts, maintaining their incredible softness and luxury look and feel, for years. In fact, there are cashmere sweaters that have remained in a family for generations.


By storing your Scottish cashmere sweater in a dry, clean area like your dresser drawer or a lined box, you can extend the life of the sweater. Just make sure that the container you store your sweater in is kept out of direct sunlight. This will help keep the rich colors in your sweater from fading.




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